Facebook Actions in the Wild

​Facebook's Graph Search will help us discover a slew of things based on the people we are connected to, their experiences, their likes, their relationships, etc. It's also using that data to push further into how we interact with the network beyond likes. Adjectives will be a big part of Facebook's future, the first of which I experienced today in terms of "reacting" to content.

Brands Missing the Visual Point on Facebook

Interesting story over at AllFacebook.com about brands not getting what consumers want in terms of content on Facebook.

It's no shocker to me, but we (consumers) want visual content. Links and funny status updates are cool and all, but we're a visual society. Our attention spans are very short and if our attention isn't snatched in a three seconds or so, we're moving on.

Thus, the importance of visuals.

The Social Networking Dilemma for Parents

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Today the Globe has a story about the dilemma parents face with social networking.

[Social Networking] It’s become one of the most pressing questions for parents of children growing up in the digital age: When should they let their children join Facebook or should they be on the site at all? An estimated 7.5 million preteens - including 5 million under 10 - are part of the social network in violation of Facebook’s terms of service, according to Consumer Reports.

I have nephews and a niece who are under the acceptable age for signing up for Facebook, but are on Facebook. I see the interactions they have with their friends and family. Sometimes I find it strange. Sometimes I find it cool (mostly because I can keep up with how they are doing in school, athletic activities, etc.).

A Battle for Social Web Traffic: Brand Pages

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So Twitter joined Facebook and Google today by launching 'Brand Pages'. So what, right? Well, if you're managing a brand or doing so for a client's brand, you're going to want to jump in on the action.

You see, brand's need social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. They need to connect. They need to fuel the push and pull action that takes place between the people with products and services and the people that want them.

However, brands are very conscious about their image. They want "some" control over their presence on these networks. Brand Pages provide a false sense of brand security in that the social network dictates how your brand will be presented. There are a certain amount of spaces to fill with creative. There are certain places to put in your company info. And of course, there's always a segment of the network where you pump your sausage, i.e. your news.

This isn't control. These aren't "brand pages." They are apartments. Brands are renting these spaces and are generating loads of traffic (and ad revenue) for the social darlings of the web.

My advice is to take advantage of brand pages in order to avoid squatters, but don't forget YOUR website. Remember that thing right? The online face for your brand that you actually have 100% control over? Well, don't forget to use that and in fact, socialize it. Make your website, your SOCIAL website. Make it the center of your social hub for your target audience. Then, all those other brand pages will be just that -- pages -- whereas your website will be a brand experience.

Just sayin'.

The Facebookization of Our Lives


I've watched The Social Network a zillion times. The movie is pretty good, but what fascinates me is the story behind the creation of the biggest technological advance of my lifetime (I don't count PC's or mobile phones because they were in the works, to a certain extent, before I was born or before I knew what they were).


Just the word along means a zillion things:

We've All Become "Like" Button Robots

What prompts you to like something on Facebook? Look at this:


This is a status update from Mark Zuckerberg. Yea, is it interesting that he knows that it was his 10,000th day of his life? Sure.

But, why do THAT many people feel compelled to like it?

Imagine if this was Google+? You'd see this update and the fan engagement of

Facebook Status Update Helps Nab Robbers

There are a zillion articles online about the value of Facebook for businesses of all sizes. It can help big Fortune 500 companies address customer service issues as well as help small, local business build a brand to drive sales.

Add a new twist to the value of Facebook — home security.

Nitesh Bhakta, a college student, was at home when he spotted hooded burglars in his living room. He grabbed his laptop and went to his attic as the burglars tied up his grandmother and sister, trashing the house shortly thereafter.

Bhakta immediately went on to Facebook and updated his status with “HELLLLLLLLP!” His best friend saw the message, called 911, and the police showed up within minutes.

Article first published as Facebook Status Update Helps Nab Robbers on Technorati.