Be Thankful Everyday, Not Just Today


I'm a huge Thanksgiving fan. Love the food, football, family and friends action. It's a day that we all say what we are thankful for.

Why not say thanks each and every day? If only the spirit of the holidays could be carried all year round, the world would be a much happier place.

Just saying'...

Dear CC Chapman: A Review of Amazing Things Will Happen

Dad and IDear CC,

I read your book titled "Amazing Things Will Happen."

I knew it was going to be one of those self help type of books, but written in a no bullshit way, a style that I myself enjoy and employ in my own writing. I thank you for that. We, as in consultants in digital marketing and people in general, tend to write in big people words to make themselves sound smarter. 

Let's not do that any more. Ever. So again, thank you for that.

Overall, it was well written and reinforced a lot of what's been floating around in my head since I lost my father unexpectedly in February of this year.

After reading the book, this was my reaction (this will make sense to you, but maybe not to others, which is why they should buy the book first, read it and then come back to this post). It's in random order: