A Letter to Dan Rizzo, Mayor of Revere

Hit and Run: The victim? My car.Note: My car was damaged in a hit and run over the weekend. This is one incident of many that has happened on my street and I'm sick and tired of it. So, I fired off a letter to the Mayor this morning and cc'd the Revere Journal. i want action and come hell or high water, I'm going to get it.


Five Years, 32k Tweets Later

I was killing time in a car dealership today and cruising through my Twitter stream when I came across this tweet from Todd Defren:

Apparently it's my FIVE YEAR Twitterversary. Wow. This thing's been on for 5 years? Can you envision it being around another 5?

Consequently, after the tweet, he wrote this about his twitterversary:

I read it and thought hey, I've been on Twitter nearly as long and I should probably reflect where I was five years ago today as opposed to today. Here are those random thoughts:

The Only 2012 Prediction List You'll Ever Need to Read

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This is the time of year that predictions flood the web. I usually do a list of my own and was going to bail on it this year because I just didn't have the energy. However, over the past 24-hours, I've had a handful of people ask me where my list was.

So, in typical Big Guy fashion, here's the only 2012 prediction list you'll ever need to read:

And People Wonder Why the Revere Police Have a Reputation of Being Crooked

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A Revere Police Officer is on medical leave after the WBZ-TV iTeam bags him slacking off on the job. They officer was spending time at home when he should have been in the community doing his job.

It's interesting that the Chief of Police did an on-camera interview. It makes sense from a PR perspective. I could have written those talking points verbatim before I heard the interview:

- This is clearly unacceptable - We will be reviewing the issue and addressing it appropriately - This is a supervisory issue as well - The officer is on leave (paid medical, I'm sure) - The Revere Police will ensure that this doesn't happen again and that measures are put in place to avoid this in the future

However, what Reardon, the Chief, isn't telling you, is that it's all bullshit. Yea, they are understaffed by about 20 officers. Yea, the city is hurting from a budget perspective. But, the list of corruption at the city level is about as long as the Charles. Remember that Revere cop that was killed? Do you really believe that story?


And You Wonder Why Red, White and Blue Bleeding Americans Hate Immigration Laws

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The Boston Globe has a story today about a women, Maria-Helena Knoller, who was playing matchmaker, but was taking it to a whole new level:

Knoller, it turned out, was a matchmaker of a special kind. For fees as high as $12,000, she would pair illegal immigrants from Brazil with Americans, arrange their marriages - and, in some cases, their subsequent divorces - after they received status as “lawful permanent residents’’ of the United States.

Business is Business so Control What You Can Control

I'm 37 years old and feel like I've been working a lifetime. I was a reporter in my college days (both for my local town paper and later for the Boston Globe). I've worked for agencies and worked on the client side.

All throughout my career I've worked with people that have helped me learn about this business as well as helped me improve my strengths and address my weaknessess.

At some point, I've started to help others do that as well. I wouldn't call myself a mentor, but I do like to help others when and if I can, no matter what the request. That's my overall attitude when it comes to work. It's just work, but I do love what I do

Social Media in 2011: Expect a Big Dose of STFU

I'm reading a lot of posts about what social business will look like in 2011. Lots of big words are being thrown around. Lots of big, 10,000 foot ideas are being teased. And lots of me me me is what I'm reading.

What I'm not reading is stuff about tactical innovation. There's a lot of fluff out there and frankly, while the folks writing the fluff are smarter than me, I'm just not seeing the work getting done.

Social media isn't about writing books. It's not about heady 1,000 word posts. It's not about mayorships. It's not about conferences and trade shows.

It's about people connecting with people; people connecting with brands (including media); brands connecting with people; brands connecting with brands; people connecting with government; and, brands connecting with government.

See a commonality here?

It's about the people stupid.

The real work that gets done in 2011 will improve these connections. They will add value from these connections. And, best of all, they will make new connections.

Work that doesn't, gets a big dose of STFU. Period.