RPD Clearing Roadways of Aggressive Drivers

Images 4I want to think that I've played a small role in bringing aggressive drivers to the attention of the city with my constant harping about speeders on my street. In fact, the city is working on plans to change the traffic flow on my street as a result. This is local government at work. 

Kudos to the city for listening to their citizens and to the RPD for making a great effort in making our streets safer. 

RPD Clearing Roadways of Aggressive Drivers:

After several months of heavy enforcement on Revere’s roads, the message is getting out to aggressive drivers that Revere Police will no longer tolerate nonsense.

Traffic Division Sgt. Chris Giannino told the Journal that Chief Joe Cafarelli has dedicated more staff to the Traffic Division – and with the help of three state grant programs – they have issued over two times more moving violations than in 2011.

Figures from the Revere Police showed that, from January to August of 2011, there were 629 moving violations reported. Meanwhile, during  that same time period this year, the RPD reported 1,347 violations.

(Read more via Revere Journal)

Local Government Can Work for You; Just Get Involved

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My various complaints about the City of Revere are well documented. My recent issues have been aired publicly and have been noticed by the Mayor and others.

Tonight, I stepped into the local government arena when I was able to speak to the Traffic Commission about the traffic issue on my street.

Long story short, the city is instituting a monitoring program to look at the traffic patterns of drivers who travel on my street -- speed, time of day, etc.

Using Social to Drive Community Activism

It's very hard to make change nationally when it comes to public policy. Typically, if it happens, it happens because of a grass roots effort that picks up steam and the attenion of the media, politicians and big-name activitists. 

However, in your local community, making change happen might appear to be easier because of the easier access you might have to councilors, the mayor, etc. Then again, politics is politics (regardless of all politics being local, as Tip used to say). 

A Letter to Dan Rizzo, Mayor of Revere

Hit and Run: The victim? My car.Note: My car was damaged in a hit and run over the weekend. This is one incident of many that has happened on my street and I'm sick and tired of it. So, I fired off a letter to the Mayor this morning and cc'd the Revere Journal. i want action and come hell or high water, I'm going to get it.


What the Hell is Going on with the Revere Police and Fire Departments?

The City of Revere is pretty unique, as you'd know from reading any of these posts. As a result, I created a new feature called "Only in Revere." This is the first installment of what I'm certain will be many.

Onlyinrevere 1

Remember what I wrote the other day about the Revere cop who was busted slacking off on the job? Well, now there's two more cops added to the "what the F" list (via the Revere Journal):

And People Wonder Why the Revere Police Have a Reputation of Being Crooked

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A Revere Police Officer is on medical leave after the WBZ-TV iTeam bags him slacking off on the job. They officer was spending time at home when he should have been in the community doing his job.

It's interesting that the Chief of Police did an on-camera interview. It makes sense from a PR perspective. I could have written those talking points verbatim before I heard the interview:

- This is clearly unacceptable - We will be reviewing the issue and addressing it appropriately - This is a supervisory issue as well - The officer is on leave (paid medical, I'm sure) - The Revere Police will ensure that this doesn't happen again and that measures are put in place to avoid this in the future

However, what Reardon, the Chief, isn't telling you, is that it's all bullshit. Yea, they are understaffed by about 20 officers. Yea, the city is hurting from a budget perspective. But, the list of corruption at the city level is about as long as the Charles. Remember that Revere cop that was killed? Do you really believe that story?


Cop Corruption in Revere

Corrupt cops

I'm all for beefing up the Police and Fire Departments in the City of Revere because I feel we need to keep our neighborhoods safe and sound. But, when you hear about stories like the one below, it really pisses me off.

How can we trust the men and women in blue when whispers of corruption are validated with stories like this?

Randall Resigns; Case Still Pending | Revere Journal - Revere Massachusetts Newspaper

(Via Revere Journal)

The Joys of Boating

I spent yesterday with the family on the water, literally. We cruised the water just off of Point of Pines Beach in Revere, MA. We did a little fishing, but only caught some Peroni's as opposed to fish. After we got back, we took the kids for a little spin and of course, I had to throw a little video together.