I like to write about a wide range of things, but mostly filtered through #DadLife. I'm down to review products that are family oriented (or not), participate in Twitter chats, write sponsored posts and do other things that marketing and PR people ask of me -- as long as as the pitch doesn't suck. 

I will always give my honest opinion and will disclose any relationship I may have to said company, product, etc. in the post. I will accept pitches from PR firms and are willing to do programs with you provided it’s in line with my interests, specific to #DadLife. I will always disclose to my readers that I'm working with a firm or brand and if there is payment, product, services or access received in exchange for my writing services, travel, etc. Please write to me directly if you’re interested in working together. That being said, I want to make it very clear that I will never blatantly shill a press releases to my readers and will blacklist you if you spam me. Sorry, but that's the way it has to be.

My site gets roughly 5k - 8k visitors per month, give or take. Not that I care about that stuff, but some of you marketing/PR types do. That also equates to a slew of page views and other metrics that are "important." I also have a pretty sizable online audience that follows my stuff as well. 

Want to work with me? Hit me up