A letter to Cubs and Indians fans from Red Sox Nation

A note from Red Sox Nation to Cubs and Indians fans, who are on the verge of eliminating decades -- if not centuries -- old curses. Both fandoms are living in a state of excitement, nervousness and a bit of shock. One of the fandoms will celebrate in excessive adolecese and shed tears of joy. The other fandom will file the heartbreaking loss in the memory bank, along with the other years of devastation.  

I had NO IDEA sweeping pet hair would be this fun

I'm not one to clean the house. I suck at it and when I try, my wife just wants me out of the way. It's not a skill that I possess. However, I do possess a bObsweep PetHair Plus. This little dude is a beast and he's helped me want to sweep the floors -- or should I say -- watch him clean the floors on his own without any help from me. And, the fact that we have a big beast of a dog that sheds like a champ, my boy bOb gets after her white hair clumps with vigor!