The Red Sox Support the Bruins Quest for the Cup

Over the past 10 years, Boston sports teams have dominated in terms of championships. The Patriots have won three Superbowls. The Red Sox have won two World Series. The Celtics brought the franchise back to life with a championship season in 2008.

Now it's the Bruins turn as they go for the Stanley Cup. And while there are thousands upon thousands of supporters for the Bruins, there is one group getting behind the team: The Red Sox.

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Note to Marquis Daniels: Please Stop the Crap Rap

Apparently Celtics Forward Marquis Daniels wants to be a rapper. After listening to the type of rap he's producing, I'm asking him to stop the presses. It's crap rap. That really bouncy, singing, made for MTV crap-rap.

Please stop. Stick with hoops. Trust me. Ask Allen Iverson.

Glen Big Baby Davis is Insane

The NBA is full of personalities. Some of them are class acts, while others are thugs. There's a third class of NBA player that's simple out of this world (yes, Ron Artest, I'm talking about you).

When it comes to the Boston Celtics, no one is crazier than Glen Big Baby Davis.

While a tenacious, scrappy and lumbering power forward, Big Baby is just that, a baby. He's a kid in a man's body and some of his actions prove that.

Case in point, this UStream video of Davis making out with his dog, eating a gigantic bowl of cereal and talking like an uneducated imbecile.

Don't believe me? Just watch this and after by about 2 minutes, you'll be convince — as I am — that Davis needs to be committed to a mental institution or get better PR counsel.

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Pierce Re-Signs with Celtics

The Boston Herald is reporting that free-agent, Paul Pierce, as re-signed with the Boston Celtics, in a deal that will snag the team captain $61 million with certain options for both sides after the first three.

The four-year deal, is the second step in the Celtics (and President Danny Ainge's) plans to keep the core of the team in-tact.

Paul Pierce Opts Out of Final Contract Year

Paul Pierce, the Celtics captain, perennial all-star and 2008 MVP of the NBA Finals, might have played his last game as a Celtic when the purple and yellow confetti dropped to the floor of the Staples Center earlier this month.

After the Celtics lost to the Lakers in an epic game 7 of the 2009-10 NBA finals, there were boat loads of questions that team president, Danny Ainge, had to address. One of them was whether or not Paul Pierce was going to opt out of his final year of his contract.

Theory: Doc Rivers to Coach Orlando Magic, Again

Doc Rivers is leaning either towards coming back as the Celtics head coach or he's retiring. And, if you've read the buzz online this morning, it looks like he's learning towards pina colada's as opposed to lay-up drills.

Of course, Doc says he wants to spend more time with his family. I can't argue with that. Who doesn't?

Will we miss Doc as the head coach? Yes. Will the team be the same without him? Probably not. Will the players play for any other coach, including Paul Pierce? Not so sure.

What I'm almost sure about, it's purely speculation, is this:

Doc Rivers will be the head coach of the Orlando Magic, agai, and he's why:

RIP 2009-2010 Celtics

I never like writing these, but for some reason, it helps me with closure. So, in typical Big Guy fashion, here is the 2009-2010 Celtics Obiturary.

Los Angeles, CA (June 18, 2010) -- At the Staples Center last evening, in front of celebrities and a zillion screaming Lakers fans, the 2009-2010 Boston Celtics passed away. Authorites say the team died of natural causes, but an investigation into the teams demise is leaning towards the lack of key rebounds, free-throws, lay-ups and some sketchy officiating.

The team, comprised of an all-star, veteran team, played like a B-Team all season, but turned up the heat at the right time -- steaming towards an unprobable playoff run that ended in dramatic game seven.

Celtics vs. Lakers Game 7: Keys to a C's Victory

The Celtics and Lakers face off in what will undoubtedly be a historical game seven. All across New England today, C's fans will be distracted by all the chatter online; focused on what they will do for pre-game activities; and, hopefully, what we'll do when the Celtics win #18.

However, before I even go there, I have to outline the keys to success for the Celtics tonight: